The Influence Of Bob Marley's Music

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Jamaica was filled with poverty and violence. Bob Marley used his music to bring people together. Bob Marley acted on what he preached by sharing his wealth and involved himself in politics. Bob Marley is a transcendent person by ringing peace not only to Jamaica but to the world. Bob Marley knew that by making music and helping those who needed inspiration or hope the most was the best thing he could do for the world. The messages in his music were mostly about treating others with kindness and respect. One hundred and twenty thousand people attended to listen to Bob Marley. All those people came together to share the love of the same music. He wanted to leave the world with a positive message for not only those who listened to his music at the time but for also those in the future and so on and so on, an immortal message.
Bob Marley never had the same meaning for being rich as people think it is such as money and material possessions. The profits that Bob Marley did make, he shared it amongst the Jamaican community. In Jamaica he helped payed for schools such as workers, supplies, industrial materials as well. He made awareness of political stand points in his music so the people of Jamaica can stand up for their rights and acknowledge the wrongdoings in their country. Even after his
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Bob Marley used his music to unite people and understand the political corruptions and to love one another. His skills and mindset helped shaped the world into a better place. Bob Marley gave peace back to the world. Bob Marley practiced on what he preached for example, he invested in schools in Jamaica and opened the eyes of the Jamaican people to politics, and involving himself in the community. Bob Marley is a transcendent person by bringing peace not only to Jamaica but to the world. Being at peace within one’s self is the ultimate form of wealth one can

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