Mandela And Martin Luther King Comparison Essay

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The African Nelson Mandela and the American Martin Luther King are important and influential heroes who made the world better somehow, in terms to fight for black people rights in their country. According to (, a hero is defined as “ the man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”. Certainly, both heroes had the courage to sacrifice for black people with extreme power to resist the racism in the past using various ways. It is clear that the two heroes met their ambitions, but Mandela made bigger change worldwide and he was inspirational leader with severe willingness to fight for justice.

Nelson Mandela and Martin King lived many similar situations which led to their great effort.
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In1944, Mandela joined the ANC (African National Congress) to work as an activist against the white domination to have a free society, combining black and white people together in which both of them have the same rights and opportunities, as he mentioned once that he want to achieve his goals and he could die for it . ( Mandela’s organization was outlawed in 1960, so he conducted all of the meetings secretly to keep fighting for the common case and he also traveled to the UK under an assumed name to enlist supportive situations. Consequently, Mandela was arrested and given 5 years to stay imprisonment. Continuously, he never stopped spreading his demand for black people’s rights and he stayed inside the prison for nearly 3 decades because of the accuse of sabotage. Mandela spent mostly his whole life searching for crucial situations to meet his goal and he used non-violent behaviors and peaceful deeds to treat others even the prison’s guardians. This is also what Martin Luther King response was based on, peace and non-violence. The starting point was his unforgettable and recognizable speech”I have a dream”, were he gathered around quarter million people in Washington, D.C who aimed for having freedom and equality in all areas of life. This is was the turning point for black people to live a better life. He began …show more content…
Both of them tried hardly to eliminate the racial segregation in their country. After Mandela attained his freedom he became the ANC official president and did many negotiations with other political organizations to end the racial segregation peacefully. Surely, most of the people internationally believes in Mandela’s good personality beside his political impact and he is now a source of peace and hope for the young and old people as well as the current leaders specially. Martin had a clear impact on civil and voting rights which literally changed American law for the benefit of African Americans people, so they are now treated equally and kindly as same as the white people. However, Martin did not make a big effort internationally but his speeches, accomplishments and victories in the U.S were an inspiration for people all over the world who were suffering from

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