Sly And The Family Stone Case Study

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Question 4
1969 was a time where African American musicians and political organizations were fighting against the war on Black America. For example, James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone both stood up for African American rights and equality, but took very different approaches to their music and message. Political organizations also took a similar approach to black liberation. For instance, there were militant groups like The Black Panthers and nonviolent advocacy groups like the Student National Coordinating Committee (SNCC). During this time having a spectrum of opinions and approaches to ending racism was essential because it gave anyone who was willing to join the fight someone to look up to and gain strength from. With that said, having
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First off I believe that James Brown was an innovator that took his rough childhood and built himself a legacy that African Americans even today can look up to. For example James Brown also referred to as the founding father of funk, single handedly created an aspect of black culture. The way he transformed the manner at which African American music was performed and sounded has transcended through time. However, this is not to say that Sly and the family Stone did not create history with their music, in fact, they were one of the first of their kind to mix genres for unique sound while mixing races for a unique look. Although, I believe that James Brown standing on the stage alone and dancing to the own beat of his drum sent a powerful message to African Americans during that time. He showed black individuals can stand alone and be strong, successful and most importantly don’t need a white person by their side to become a …show more content…
It is my opinion that during that time the state of racial injustice and suffering African Americans needed a musical leader/s that weren’t so inclusive with whites. I think what Sly and the Family Stone were proving by being all-inclusive of everyone was meant to benefit their musical sound which sacrificed their credibility when singing about African American struggles. On the other hand James Brown was able to unite blacks and whites with his performances, but by still portraying himself as a strong black figure for his people. For example, He was the first black performer to go to Vietnam during the war. An article in “Next Avenue” states, “James Brown’s willingness to perform for U.S. soldiers in Vietnam had a significant impact on easing racial tensions overseas and at home.” I believe that by James Brown stepping up to the plate in this way demonstrated his unparalleled ability to bring people of all races together and

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