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I Believe
Happy mind, happy life is a saying to live by. Once you push the negative out of your life and think positive and happy, life will be so much better for yourself and others around you. I believe once you have a happy mind, you have a happy life.
At the end of my sophomore year, I was stressing about every little thing you could think of to stress about. Summer was right around the corner, finals were starting, softball was starting, I was trying to manage a job that I so badly wanted to quit, trying to make free time for friends and spend time with my family. I just could not do it all at once like I wanted too. I was going crazy like a little kid full of sugar. I wanted to make everyone else happy, but I was not making my mind happy, instead I was driving my mind crazy.
Throughout the time, I managed to make it through my finals, softball started to become less nerve racking, I quit my job, and was still trying to manage time with friends and family. However, little did I think to think about money when I quit my job. I really just did not want to play softball six days a week and work right after softball or even on my one day off. Of course, as I thought I was done stressing, I was actually stressing myself out way more than
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Once you believe in that, life will turn itself around. Life will start to become fulfilled with happiness. Rather than caring about the negativity in life, care about the happiness that you want instead. Push through the negative and show your mind you can be happy, and that you can think positively. Why would you want to live through life with a negative mind? Where does negativity get you in life? Nowhere, exactly. Move on from the past, move on from the stress, move on from the negativity. Push yourself to think happy, to want a happy life. Because honestly, stressing is a waste of time in life. Stressing gets you nowhere in life. Live your life to the fullest with happy

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