Essay On Gender Pay

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The gender pay gap may as well be called the gender pay chasm. In a sense, it is almost as if bridging this gap is as insurmountable as bridging the Grand Canyon. However, unlike the natural wonder, inequality is far from a thing of beauty. This inequality between men and women may be shrinking, but it is far from becoming non-existent. Creating this divide in the pay between the two sexes causes damage to both men and women, and should have become a thing of the past long ago. Women being paid less is simply objectifying, it leads only to further discrimination of all people, it perpetuates the stereotype that men are superior to women, and it leads men to believe these things to be true. The rights of women have come a long way, but there is farther still they must go. There may come a day when it finally rings true that all people are created equal and treated as such, or this could simply be a pipe dream of the common folk. Only time will truly tell if equality can truly be achieved. Firstly, this gap between genders is objectifying toward women."An insult to my dignity" is the way Lilly Ledbetter described it.(Billitteri) Women have …show more content…
The effects of the pay gap are overwhelmingly negative. I 've only covered a few of the issues that it creates, and there are many more. This gap causes men to believe they are superior to women, it perpetuates the stereotype that men are better than women, it objectifies all women, and leads further to the discrimination of all people. While it seems as though there may never come a day in which all people receive equal treatment by everyone they encounter, at the very least they should receive equality by their governing bodies and from their employers. This goal is not difficult to attain, provided we have cooperation between all people to achieve it. Some day there will be true equality, and this is a world that should be worked toward for the generations to

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