The Industrial Revolution During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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The Industrial Revolution in England preceded that of other European countries and the United States of America. Beginning in the 1780s, it spanned a century and changed the economy and the general lifestyle across Britain. In the United States of America, as opposed to Britain, the Revolution took a mere seventy- five years to be completed, beginning in 1860 and finishing by 1900. While both countries had elements such as large labor force and an abundance of natural resources such as coal, forests, fast flowing navigable rivers and streams, and mineral deposits like iron and copper, the USA had undoubtedly far more than its former Mother Country. With all these factors in place, America- with the aid of Britain’s prosperity -was able to achieve industrialization.
At the beginning of the eighteenth century, farming was the most dominant force of labor in England. The most immediate changes that occurred during the period of industrialization were that of production. Products that were initially created in the home were now created in the factories. Historian Eric Williams notes, “By 1750 there was hardly a trading or manufacturing town in England, which was not in some way connected with the triangular or direct colonial trade” (Williams, Capitalism and Slavery 52). Britain also had several colonies in the Americas, and many British citizens were investors in the Atlantic trade which included the trade in slaves out of West Africa. The colonies produced agricultural items…

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