Differences Between The Industrial Revolution And The Market Revolution

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Industrial revolution
After the independence as the Government was formed, White Americans were fortunate to live under a representative republican government, but for Blacks it was still not the Freedom. They continued to live a life of slaves. Republicanism influenced social and family values. Also there was a complex interaction between republicanism and religion. Women devoted their energies to religious purposes as they got inspired by Second Great Awakening. In this era two major revolutions happened, the Industrial Revolution and the Market Revolution. Society was divided into classes and overflow of European immigrants brought cultural diversity. These 100 years were the major turnout in American History.
As the industries developed, the banks and other institutions were formed. Trade with China and India increased. America was known as a Nation of Merchants. Financial crisis of 1819 devastated artisans and farmers who sold their goods in local
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More money started pouring in and goods that once had been luxury items became part of everyday life. More turnpikes, canals and railroads were getting constructed, which was great for economy. Shoes and textile industry hired most of the people. But soon they had to face competition from British textile industry. American producers used two strategies to compete with their british rivals, First to improve on technology and second, was to get cheaper source of labor. And then came American women into work, as cheaper source of labor. Slowly American born artisans replaced British immigrants. After Industrial Revolution, the Market Revolution started. The Transportation Revolution changed the way the business was done. Canals and steamboats shrank the distance. Railroads linked the North to the Midwest that led to growth of cities and

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