The Induction Motors: 3-Phase Induction Motors

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AC Motors
3-Phase Induction motors
By John Reggiardo
Induction motors are a product of the electrical genius, Nikola Tesla. Tesla believed AC power was the future of electricity, and he invented a motor that reflected his views. AC induction motors account for about 50% of the world's power consumption while accounting for 90% of industrial electric motors. In this chapter, we will discuss the basics of electric motors and the invention of the induction motor.
What is “AC” Power?
AC, or “Alternating Current” power was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1888. AC power works in Sine waves. Constantly switching from one direction to the other. The rate at which these waves switch is called the Frequency.
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Ac power changes direction many times a second, the direction change frequency is measured in Hertz. The quick switch of direction has an effect on a coil of wires, or an Inductor. Inductors create a magnetic field when the direction of power changes through them. Inductors are key to the generation of motion.
Origins of the AC Motor
Ac motors were developed out of the ease of AC over DC. When problems arose with DC motors and AC power, Nikola Tesla designed a motor that would not run on coal and steam, but electrical current. This was the birth of the AC motor. Depicted below is a tree development of electric motors, both AC and DC. In this chapter, we will discuss modern electrical motors, mainly 3-phase but also single phase motors.

Pieces of 3-Phase AC Motors
Ac motors are separated into a few, crucial parts. Very simply put, there are the Stator and Rotor. The Stator is a stationary piece that contains the coils of the motor. The Rotor is a moving part that is inducted current, that current then causes the rotor to
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Their simple design and rugged durability cause them to be a leading choice among those looking for a reliable and powerful motor. One way AC motors have revolutionized the modern world is transportation. Whether it be large scale cruise ships and freighters using electric motors instead of massive geared drivetrains and gearboxes, or electric cars moving away from internal combustion engines. How can people use electric motors to improve their day to day lives? What if you don't have the budget for a new electric car? This is where the cheap and reliable design of AC motors comes in. The simple skateboard is an easy and fun mode of transportation for some. Major flaws are the need to kick a leg on the ground to increase speed and the lack of breaks. If we were to use AC motors on a skateboard, we could get acceleration from the motors and breaks in the form of Regenerative Braking. DC batteries power a speed controller, which then creates an AC current to be sent to the

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