Essay about The Indigenous Peoples Of America

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The Indigenous peoples of America are commonly called “Indians” or “Native Americans” which is a misnomer. In reality, they were hundreds of specific and different tribal peoples that had different societies and cultures from one another. The pre-contact population of the Americas was around one hundred million people, and they are often misconceived as being primitive. In reality, the Indigenous peoples were highly advanced, even if some common stereotypes are true for some of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The indigenous peoples migrated to the Americas over the ice bridge connecting North America and Asia around 10,000 BCE; however, the peoples were cut off and were forced to settle in the Americas due to the ice bridge melting toward the end of the ice age. The main Mesoamericans civilizations were the Olmec, Maya, and the Aztec. Not much is known about the Olmec (2500 BCE – 400 BCE). The Olmec people’s culture derived from their local village roots. The region was made up of loose groupings villages that scattered across the region, most congregating toward river valleys and along the shores of lakes. These decentralized villages, each holding hundreds of households, were the core of Olmec culture. At around 1500 BCE, the Olmec peoples around the region began to develop a single culture and began spreading their beliefs, artistic achievements, and social structure beyond their heartland. Their art was highly advanced and detailed, including the four Olmec…

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