The Incredibles Movie Analysis

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The Incredibles is a movie I've seen too many times. This movie was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and still is now. A movie about super heroes in hiding because the world doesn’t accept them and a story of them saving the same world just drew me in. In the review published in Teen Ink they stated that the movie as "Funny, exciting, adventurous and nerve wracking” (Schatz). I believe this is exactly how to describe the movie. This review and many others explains how The Incredibles is funny, for both adults and children, and has the very best animations.
The Incredibles is a Pixar action/adventure animated film directed by Brad Bird. This movie is about a modern family who is placed under cover to hide that the are super heroes. They
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One reason why I found it funny was the character Edna Mode. Edna was the genius who designed and created the costumes for super heroes including the Incredibles. Edna is comical in many ways during the movie. in one review Roger states that the way she "delivers a hilarious lecture on the reasons why Mr. Incredible does not want a cape on his new uniform" (Elbert) is a reason he finds her so comical. Along with this, she also lectures Elastigirl, Bob's wife Helen, about what to do when she assumes Bob is cheating on her. It's comical because the way she lectures her, she is basically tells Helen she is stupid and to realize who she is. Along with that she hits her with a newspaper a couple times. Another way this movie is funny is because of Frozone. There are many different scene, where he is joking about "super ladies" or he is telling someone to freeze as he is freezing them. My favorite scene is when Frozone is looking for his super suit. The city is in danger and he is looking for his suit, and he's asking his wife where it is and there conversation about there evening and where it is, is very comical. While arguing about the suit his wife states "''Greater good''? I am your wife! I'm the greatest good …show more content…
Different reviews say different things, Leah Rozen stated "The shiny pate is one of the myriad clever and humanizing touches that make this imaginative tale about a family of retired superheroes so enormously appealing, maybe even more for adults than kids" (Rozen). Its for adults because its about a family who misses the old days and them fighting for it back, and I believe many people have the same dream. The Incredibles is for kids because of the comedy along with its animation and story line. Leah Rozen also said "The Incredibles boasts a strong, entertaining story and a truckload of savvy comic touches" (Rozen). Along with this they compare the characters to spider man and superman, saying they are just as

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