The Incarceration Of The Ferguson Unrest Essay

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I want to talk about incarceration in America. In the wake of the Ferguson unrest, I feel that it might be useful to shed some light on the issues that are driving the anger and protests there. To be clear, I am not making any comments directly about Ferguson, Michael Brown, or the on-going investigation.

I think it 'll be helpful to first state that we sadly need incarceration. In an excellent video on this subject, Hank Green states, "We send people to prison to be punished, to prevent them from doing bad things again, and to deter others from breaking the law" (2014). Remember that every citizen in America has rights and if those rights are violated that person has a right to some justice. Furthermore, if person-one violates person-two 's rights, person-one may lose some of his rights. This is the accepted form of justice our country, and many other countries, have worked under for years. But our incarceration system is terribly flawed.

While Hank Green 's video was on the incarceration as a whole, I 'd like to focus on the incarceration of African American 's.

In a recent census, out of 767,434 inmates, the percentages broke down like this… (, 2012)
You might think, That 's great, Blacks and Whites are about even in that census, but you must remember the breakdown of the American population as a whole. African-Americans make up just 17% of the population. But they make up 39% of the prison population.

(, 2014)

By the age of 23,…

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