Pros And Cons Of Crime During And After Incarceration

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Criminals get released just to be incarcerated into society. Mass incarceration is not the solution to reducing or stopping crime. No matter how many people are put behind bars, crime is still going to happen. If jails and prisons are supposed to resolve crime, why does crime keep on happening? Penitentiaries ruin felons’ lives. Everyone agrees that with every mistake comes a consequence; however, the conditions and impact of penitentiaries on society is devastating. Life during and after incarceration is a struggle. Felons are at a high risk of becoming severely ill in prison. There’s a loss of possible employees for some businesses who have no problem hiring ex-cons. After incarceration, criminals are not considered citizens anymore because …show more content…
The American Dream is to never give up and stand up for what’s right. In addition, the American Dream is to be successful and flourish in society. Criminals are not viewed as citizens because of their criminal record. Felons have a difficult fighting and surviving in society. A criminal cannot do as much a regular citizen could do. Criminals’ rights are violated, limited freedom is granted, and no conditions of a true citizen are guaranteed. People are in the wrong for judging a person based off of their record. Andre is an ex-convict who was arrested for drug charges. Before he was arrested, he received an Associates in Arts at Florida State University. He wanted to work at Walmart to get back on his feet, but Walmart turned him down because the company viewed his record. His opportunity to change and make a living was taken away from him just because of a mistake made in the past. According to The New Jim Crow, “as a criminal, you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow” (Alexander 2). Felons of all races, including African-Americans, are denied the right to succeed and achieve to benefit themselves. Society should not make judgments about felons just because they committed a crime. Not all criminals are bad people. Felons are imprisoned by society after jail

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