Compare And Contrast Punishment And Sentencing

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The punishment and sentencing for crimes is a topic the solely varies case by case. Each case has its own severity to which a motion is carried out after someone is found guilty of any crime. Sentencing and punishments have been talked about in recent years. Sentences vary even when they are considered the same crime it just all depends on the different single aspects of it. Two people may have committed the same crime of stealing but in one case no one was held at gunpoint. That one little nuance can be a major game changer when the case is presented to the judge and the jury.
A sentence by definition of Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process, is “a penalty imposed on a convicted person, which may include a period
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They vary depending on the severity of what the person who has been found guilty has done. Punishment is penalties imposed for committing criminal acts, to accomplish deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Deterrence is the inhibition of some kind of criminal behavior by fear of punishment. This is used to sort of make a person think twice about committing a crime or another crime. Retribution is when someone gets back at someone for something that the person has done to them. They are out for vengeance after a criminal act has been committed and this is when the victim takes the law into their own hands. This is when the saying “eye for an eye’ comes into play. An example of this is a man murdering his son and the wife in return has a now personal vendetta to get him back. Rehabilitation is helping someone back to a stable state to be able to benefit themselves in all aspects. Rehab in prison has many different areas they help which can include Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, sex offender management, transition programs, and adult basic education. Incapacitation is being unable to make a decision for themselves. They are basically stripped of their civil freedoms and liberties. This is also referred to as penology. One is theoretically in a disabled from making any type of decision. They are physically put on a restriction. Another form of punishment offenders accused and found guilty deal with is restitution. Restitution is when the offender is financially punished. This means that they are hit with fines to pay for what they have

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