Incarceration Rates Essay

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Rising Rates of Incarceration in the United States: Causes for the increasing rates
The rising number of incarcerations in the United States is a large cause of concerns for the entire United States. We will look into the potential cause for the rising rates of incarcerations through the eyes of a sociologist with specific clarifiers of structural functionalism and the conflict theory. Is it to be blamed on the criminal or the culture that is creating the crime. Over the course of this paper we will see some of the compelling evidence for both of these theories and the potential causes for the rising rates of incarceration.
Throughout the years many changes to the legal system have come to pass, there are new laws every day that are put into place to protect the law abiding citizens. With these changing laws has come a change in the prisons and jails of the United States. There have been many studies to try to find a reason on the increasing rate of incarcerations and studies on the numbers of specific ethnic groups that are being housed. The studies found that most of the
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First there is a micro view of the steady increase meaning the criminals are making the crime. By having bad situations, the person is making bad choices and breaking the law. The government is then trying to protect its others citizens by putting the criminal in jail away from the possibility to do more crime. Although in a macro model we can see that the government has created an inescapable pattern for the criminal’s. The criminal preforms one crime say theft, they serve the time as the judge says to do but upon released they cannot secure employment. They are labeled a criminal and no one wishes to higher them. What is a criminal to do now? They do the only they know how to do preform more crimes and end up right back in prison hence the rising rates of parolees

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