Why Do Guns Harm People?

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On December 3 2015 an armed couple stormed into a party in San Bernardino California, and then they just started shooting into the crowd. The improper use of firearms in the united states is very high, and nothing seems to be happening. Guns cause so much harm to people when they are used improperly, in 2013 approximately 33,636 people were killed by guns in the united states. Meanwhile, in America 2011, there were 478,400 incidents of firearm-related violence (whether used or just threatened) and 11,101 homicides, for a rate of 1 homicide per 43 incidents. As statistics show guns do harm people in many ways, but what happens and the government gets what they want and ban guns? What factors allowed any of these people to go and get a gun in the first place. Now so you know I am an avid second amendment advocate but to a certain point, I even have a few guns myself but it’s the standard shotgun and hunting rifle which are the most normal weapons to own. Who thought it was a smart idea to let …show more content…
The most common fire arm that is used is a semi-automatic pistol which might be the most common gun purchased today. Other guns actually serve a purpose which mostly revolve around hunting when you would need a shotgun or a hunting rifle. Pistols really do not have a purpose for civilians, no you don’t need it for target practice and no you shouldn’t pretend to be a hero if you have one. Just last week my friend told me that someone was waiting for subway inside of a Walmart and something happened which involved to customers getting in an argument, then one guy shoots the other one out of nowhere. Pistols might be one of the most dangerous for one reason because they are so small and concealable. The main reason people say they have a pistol is so they can protect themselves or their loved ones. Everyone wants to do what they can to protect the people that they love but guns are not always the correct

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