The Important Day Of My Life As A Homicide Detective Essay

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The important day of my life as a homicide detective started when I brought justice to a victim. When I was younger, I used to sit in my room to think about life and my future. I imagined myself, in ten years, working with homicide detectives and solving huge cases such as serial killers and homicides. The first question I asked myself was: Why do you want to be a homicide detective? I realize how much more of a hero it is to solve a case and how many lives I can save. The best part is, ten years later; I became a homicide detective and it was the most successful thing that happened to me.

During the spring of 2026 at the Washington DC Police Station, my day starts at four o’clock in the morning when I received a phone call about a young adult female was found murdered at Rock Creek Park, DC. I met my partner, Detective Derek Morgan at the Dunkins Donuts for breakfast. I received my medium iced coffee and my sausage egg and cheese bagel then we went to the crime scene. At the crime scene, Officer Flack identified the female victim as Stacey Baxtor. She is twenty-two years old and a Georgetown University student. A couple that was jogging around the park found her. Forensic pathologist, Sheldon Hawkes explained what he found in the body. Apparently, Baxtor was dead between 11PM to 3AM. She was raped and stabbed in the chest. Most likely, the cause of death was a knife crushed to the aorta, which stopped her heart. The murder weapon was not found at the crime scene.

My job…

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