The Importance of a College Education in the Twenty-First Century

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Joshua Ingram
The Importance or a College Education in the Twenty-first Century
A college education is very important in the twenty-first century. By going to a two year or four year institution a student opens the door for many more opportunities in life, especially for a higher paying job. As he or she lives on their own, they learn self-study habits as well as responsibility. Social life in college allows students to meet new and interesting people and hopefully find someone special enough to marry. Lastly, the pupil gets a chance to work and study with some of the finest and most knowledgeable professors in the world. In receiving a college degree, students create more pathways for their future that increase job opportunities
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They figure out shortly that doing small portions of the assignment once a day is far less stressful and creates good study habits for the future. While at college students learn to live on his or her own and stop relying on their parents. They figure out how to make important decision for themselves. Being social in college is valuable to the student’s life. Whether they rush for a Greek fraternity or sorority or participating in the schools athletics or clubs it gets the student out into society to meet new people. Everyone is different and learning to mingle and work together with others who might not always agree with same values is important. The knowledge that can be obtained from different people along the college road to graduation is an experience that cannot be replaced. Working along side the professor during college is a great asset for the future. The college instructors have first hand experience on the topic they are teaching. They provide their knowledge and experience to give the student a step-up for his or her future job. Working with a team or group during college allows a student to become comfortable with functioning around colleagues all collaborating together for a specific goal. Being taught by a professional gives the student experience on how to instruct others in the future. To be a boss one must first have the understanding of being a leader and knowing how to command employees for the

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