Willpower Research Paper

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No willpower required? You must be kidding! No. A simple shift in your mind is all it takes. Read on…
Have you been trying to ‘willpower yourself thin’? Yes. Just like everyone else. Because you’ve been told that having the body you want is hard. You’ve been told it requires willpower, or sacrifice, or giving up all the foods you love forever.
Or somehow those ideas have been fixed in your mind.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Willpower is NOT the answer! Willpowering yourself thin is like demolishing a house with a hammer. It takes a long time and you’ll make so little progress you’ll give up before you finish.
A simple shift in your mind could be all it takes. And that shift can occur in a second.
Change can be easy.
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Find yourself a comfortable place to sit and have this with you. Take some deep breaths. Let your whole body relax and your mind float freely. Allow yourself to know that by the end of this exercise you will have new patterns of thinking, believing and behaving around Your Perfect Body.
Now, in your mind, imagine what your perfect body will look like. Starting at the top of your head, work slowly down. See your face slim, with glowing skin. See your cheekbones. Working down a little more, see how your jawline is firm and tight and your neck is firm and shapely.
Carry on working on slowly down. With every breath, your body relaxes. See and feel your shoulders and arms. See the health and firm muscles. In your mind, admire all the way down your arms to your hands, and then all the way down to your fingertips.
Move down to your chest. See your chest perfect in every way. See it just the way you want it to be. Look at your waist now, flat, taut and toned, blending perfectly into your hips and this new, thinner
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See the grease sliding around on the plate. Smell the fat. Pick up your knife and fork and start cutting. See the grease spill out every time you do. Bring the food to your mouth and taste the grease on your lips. You really don’t want to eat it, but you do. Feel the grease coat your mouth and your tongue as you swallow it down. Eat it all, feeling your health slip away with every mouthful. Feel the button on your jeans get tighter and tighter as you get fuller and fuller. Feel the fat float into your bloodstream and the blood get thicker and thicker as it clogs you

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