Food-Related Dieting Mistakes Research Paper

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Dieting is not an easy thing to do. If it were, we wouldn’t be constantly bombarded with new dieting advice. You’ve probably tried most of the tricks of the industry and even approached dieting through the traditional methods of eating less and exercising more.

But if the waist doesn’t seem to be getting smaller, you might be making some of the below mistakes – without even knowing it. So, instead of sinking further into despair, check out if you are guilty of some of these faux pas. We’ve even added tips to help you get back on track and correct the bad behaviours.

Food Related Dieting Mistakes

There’s no denying it: Eating less calories than you consume leads to weight loss. Of course, the simplicity of the statement doesn’t mean it’s easy to apply in real life. When it comes to food, the following mistakes
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Mind Related Dieting Mistakes

Finally, it might sound silly, but dieting success is influenced by your mindset. You can enhance or destroy your chances of a skinnier you simply by starting your diet “on the wrong foot”.

#5: Having unrealistic goals

Yes, your ultimate dream might be a sick-pack or a perfect bikini waistline. But instead of focusing on these hard to obtain goals, start with something a bit more realistic. If you are aiming for an unrealistic goal and you don’t start seeing progress, you are much more likely to just give up.

Tip: Set obtainable goals that fit your lifestyle. For example, aim to lose 2 pounds in XX or tighten your waistline by 5 inches. Instead of aiming to go to the gym five times a week, target three times at the start.

#6: Thinking a relapse ruins everything

So, you ended up eating a full pizza yesterday with your friends. Since you’re convinced your diet is now ruined and you are a failure, you might as well eat those Mars-bars from the cupboard. Sounds familiar, right? It’s easy to beat yourself up about a relapse and allow it to get you

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