Personal Narrative: How A Weight Changed My Life

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About 3 years ago marked the start of a whole new life for me. After stepping on the scale one Sunday morning, and being in complete shock, and after trying all the possible diets and solutions for me to lose weight, I kept failing and nothing ever seemed to work for me. The reality was a shock. I have always offed the charts for most of my life, and been in the overweight/obese range since I started Middle School. By the time I reached my freshman year of high school, the weight had slowly crept up on me, and I just knew I had to do something about it. Things were getting out of control and if I didn’t change my ways, my life would be greatly impacted very soon. During my 2 years at William R. Satz Middle School, I tried multiple fad diets and watched my weight fluctuate up and down numerous times like a roller coaster. It wasn’t until after realizing all these fad diets and magic pills/shakes didn’t work I was finally able to rid the weight that has been holding me back almost my entire life. After days of researching and reading books about this, I started making baby steps towards a new me. I learned the word ‘diet’ meant something temporary and the …show more content…
I was drawn towards a better understanding of nutrition and exercise. I attended several courses, read hundreds of books, and experimented with my body over several years. All of these different experiences inspired me to want to pursue the career of becoming a registered dietitian. It seemed like a perfect career choice for me since I strongly felt interested in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After learning about all different disorders and nutrition-related health problems, I really would love to help others make a lifestyle change of their own and use the ever-changing science of nutrition to reverse their current health problems which affect many people

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