Why Weight Fluctuates

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Why your weight fluctuates
Weight is just a number. However, it's hard not to get demotivated when you see the scale jump a pound or two overnight.
The scale probably isn’t lying to you, but these daily fluctuations have little to do with fat gain and more to do with your hydration levels, exercise intensity, bathroom habits and what you have had to eat.
When you weigh yourself, always remember that your weight is more than just fat and muscles. You have many other things in your body that affect what you weigh on the scales. Daily weight fluctuations are natural, and shouldn’t cause any panic or depression. It is perfectly normal for your weight to change at different times of the day depending on the amount of water you have taken, the food you ate, the frequency of going to the bathroom and toilet, and even physical activity. One of the reasons why it’s not advisable to weigh yourself every day is because of the fluctuations in body weight. It can be really confusing for some people and may lead
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The downside to this is that most people find the gym atmosphere unfamiliar and full of strange equipment and faces. Simply put, the gym environment is intimidating.
As someone who suffers from anxiety, I totally understand being intimidated by the gym. I assumed that someone was always laughing at me because I didn’t know what I was doing, especially when I decided to try weight training and being surrounded by muscled men.
Gym intimidation is a common phenomenon, and you may be surprised if I tell you even experienced fitness exercisers become frightened when they enter a new gym for the first time. Fortunately, there are many ways of dealing with intimidation at the gym. The secret is to find the right time to do your gym workouts, and you will be fine. Here are some tips to help you manage yourself at the gym.
Picking the right

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