Palmetto Place Mission Statement

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Introduction For my service learning experience, I decided to continue my long-term volunteer position at Palmetto Place Children’s shelter. I also participated in the Mayor’s Walk Against Domestic Violence. With Palmetto Place being on the micro level, and the walk being on the macro level, I was able to broaden my experience level. Through volunteering at Palmetto Place, I was able to expand my cultural competence for children in foster care, practice skills such as empathetic responding, connect my experience to the NASW Code of Ethics, and contribute to the mission statement of the organization. Through the Mayor’s Walk Against Domestic Violence, I was able to participate in a community outreach event to spread awareness.
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A good amount of my service there involves just sitting and being with the kids, whether that involves coloring, helping with homework, or even asking how their week has been during dinner. Kids sometimes act really surprised during these conversations because they are not used to people caring about how they are actually doing and coping with their current situation. The tasks that I partake in while volunteering at Palmetto Place enhance the organizational goal of providing a safe and nurturing environment to kids across the midlands. While it may seem to me as if I am not doing much, even just asking a kid how they are really doing can show love and support, and is therefore taking steps to reach that ultimate goal. Providing services such as tutoring, recreation, and social activities is also an essential part of their mission statement, and these are the activities that I participate in while visiting. With volunteers, staff, and sponsors that care, Palmetto Place is able to provide abused, neglected, abandoned, and homeless children and teens of the midlands with a safe

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