The Importance Of Virtue Ethnic In The Aberdeen Three Case

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I’m using virtue ethnic to analyse Aberdeen Three case. The theory was created by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosopher. The theory discusses that the reason why people go to school, work or join any kind of activities are because of happiness, the ultimate human goal. Aristotle also emphasizes that happiness cannot be gained through material wealth, the pursuit of honor or satisfaction from body pleasure. Lastly, happiness can only be achieved through virtue. If one’s rational mind is working, then reason will lead one to do virtue. The key to human life and happiness is to practice virtue because virtue is in accord with human reasoning. The Aberdeen Three case summarizes the importance of environmental protection and the safety of …show more content…
The first one is everything remaining the same while the second is to organize and give maintenance for the containers. For option 1 (everything remaining the same like the case), I give compassion a -7 because Aberdeen plant put unlabeled chemical together and it is lethal for workers. Furthermore, they also accidently cause 200 gallons of acid to leak into the river, affecting the residents nearby. I’m not giving it a -8 because they didn’t do it on purpose and 200 gallons of acid leaking into the river is by accident. I’m not giving it a -6 because they didn’t pay enough attention to organizing containers, thus causing such a mistake to happen.
I give environment care -5 because 200 gallons of acids have leaked into rivers and polluted the environment. The seafood from the river and the tree around that river might die due to the leakage. I’m not giving it a -6 because the accident only happen once and it was also by mistake. 200 gallons of acid might have an impact on a small area, but not big enough to a large scale. I’m not giving it a -4 because it is difficult to take care of the leaking acid inside the river as they are mixed
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Maintenance for containers give less chance of letting chemicals leak out and hurt people. I’m not giving it a 4 because under chemicals factory, it is still very crucial for workers and there are still chances of chemicals leakage. I’m not giving it a 2 because they have been improving and have created a better environment for workers, but it is only slightly better.
I give environment care a 4 because their actions of storage increases the chance of safety and less chance of chemicals leakage. I’m not giving it a 5 because as long as Aberdeen plant still produces chemicals weapons and storage, the chances of chemicals leaking or exploding will exist. I’m not giving it a 3 because more caution is better than nothing. Their action is way better than putting all chemical containers together.
I give efficiency a -3 because they organize them and put them into their own section, which takes energy, time and people. I’m not giving it a -4 because they didn’t do any other extra protection on containers. They only organize and maintenance them. I’m not giving it

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