Benefits Of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism promotes that an action is as good as it brings the greatest amount of happiness, as long as it is not at the expense of others. This idea helps governments and institutions make decisions that benefit the majority of the community, without affecting negatively the minority groups. In this instance, a Utilitarian is faced with the decision of including a sports program for students with disabilities or not. Since utilitarianism proposes the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers , a utilitarian will measure the amount of welfare and think the consequence that bring the decision to establish a limited sport program for physically impaired students. The institute of this program will result in a tremendous spending for …show more content…
With this backing, a utilitarian will see the profit that bring the support of a institution to a minority of students with physical students that want to overcome. Then, a new budget can be set and the institution can reorganize its financial priorities, and fit the program into the new budget. The institution will re-evaluate the costs and decide if it is at the disadvantage of the majority of students. In other terms, a ethic utilitarian will be optimis a realistic that there are non-profit organizations, institutions and government in disposition to help the community student without absence of the disability ones. As a mention before, a Utilitarian could be the future benefit of the program which will bring more students at the school, implementing the program in a progressive way, making progress study 's evolution, and analyzing if its feasible or not the program. The collective thinking of students could be positive and support this ethical investment. Even though, this alternative solution will not be easy to found the financial help since a economic utilitarian could be present in the other institution and will not perceive any profit for his/her company affecting the monetary support for the limited sports program. The solution will depend of many exterior factor which reaffirm the decision to not approve the limited …show more content…
A utilitarian will count the cost, time, the implementing measures, and options of financial support to make the

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