The Importance Of Using A Recording Help Improve Your Teaching

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The idea of using a recording to help improve your teaching

One thing that can be hard for teachers to do is to notice what they do when they teach. Teachers can get so involved with their teaching that it is hard to think about what kind of teacher moves they use or if there is anything they can improve on. That is where video taping or recording a lesson can come in handy. A recoding of your teaching allows you to look back at your class, through the eyes of your students. The recording allows you to think about how you taught the lesson and what kind of improvements you can make to it. Recently I recorded a lesson that I taught. The lesson was about the idea of creating historical accounts. We talked about what is the difference between historical events and the accounts of those historical events. We also talked about the ideas of what kind of problems that the accounts may have. Through the recording I was able to notice a few areas that I need to improve on, such as being louder. I also saw a couple of clips or parts of the video that I felt were most significant and represented were I am as a teacher. The first clip came from about fifteen minutes into the lesson. At this point in the lesson we were reviewing what we had learned about yesterday. We were talking about what are the differences between historical events, which is what happened, and then the accounts of history. At this point I was asking my students to raise their hand if they…

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