The Importance Of Unequal Pay

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Going to college means furthering your education so you can get a better job and make more money. After many years of waking up for 8 am classes, sitting in class for 3 hours, and spending thousands of dollars, you finally earn a degree in a major you love and move on into the job market. You’ve worked so hard to get the job that you have but looking at your paycheck you see that you make about 20% less than the men that you work with. You know why? Because you are a woman. But this makes no sense. You did the same amount of schooling as they did and worked just as hard, but you still don 't make as much. This problem is real and happens all over the world. “Women on average make about 79 cents for every dollar men make.” (Duckworth, T.) Women are capable of doing the same work as men. This phenomenon doesn 't just happen to your everyday ordinary people, it also happens to stars in the film industry. Unequal pay is also worse for women of color and younger women. Women should receive the same amount of pay as men do for doing the same job. …show more content…
Ever since 1848 women have been fighting for equal rights. They have accomplished so much: The right to vote, first woman to fly, and women in politics. They are just as educated as men. “Women are earning the majority of undergraduate and graduate degrees (60 percent), while at the same time, women make up the majority of the poor in America.” (Duckworth, T.) No matter how much education women have they will make less earnings than men of the same education level. Many women in today 's society have taken on many “manly jobs” such as truck drivers, mechanics, butchers. This is showing that women don 't always choose to be teachers or nurses or anything of that nature, it shows that women are just as capable as men are at doing many jobs. Women are as strong as men

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