Persuasive Essay On Tracking In Schools

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In American schools, today, tracking can be considered as a form of ability grouping. When using tracking, teachers are placing students in groups based on their academic abilities and talents. Some schools may separate students into ability groups within their class or between different classes based on the curriculum. While this may seem acceptable, helpful for teachers, and even comforting for students, it in fact is a method of the past that must be stopped. The system of tracking leads to the negative labeling of students, inequality in schools, racial divisions in schools, and lower track students having less experienced teachers.
Imagine being in an English teacher with a classroom full of diverse learning who learn at different paces. The first thing it would be easy to do is place students in an ability group in reflection to their reading pace, so that you
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Now educators are using tracking as a modern-day segregation in schools. There has become a racial division in classrooms for students that are being tracked at lower levels versus higher levels. Most lower level classes are filled will African American and Latino students. The school district of South Orange Maplewood, claims that African-American and Latino students are unfairly held back because of tracking. Beth Daugherty, the board of education president, agrees that tracking is placing a racial segregation within their schools. In this district the teachers, have placed stigmas on the students and tend to view lower level student’s as doomed. Districts such as South Orange Maplewood provide prime examples as to why tracking should be eliminated. Even the “National Education Association supports the elimination of such groupings”, because they tracking brings unfair education “based on economic status, ethnicity, race, or gender must be eliminated in all public-school settings” (NEA Resolutions

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