The Importance Of Time As An Important Component Of Responsibility

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Due to of my participation in theater I have developed numerous life skills such as a strong sense of responsibility and leadership along with communication skills, building personal and professional relationships and a healthy sense of confidence.

I have always had an aptitude for responsibility, due to being the oldest child of a large family. However, because of my heavy involvement in community theater that sense of responsibility has grown more than it would have if left alone.
When working in the performing arts it is imperative to be responsible for yourself in everything. You must be responsible with your time, your efforts and your energy. You are expected and pushed to be on time for your rehearsals and to be responsible in taking care of yourself to ensure maximum efficiency performances for yourself and the rest of the cast. Because of this, you immediately begin to learn effective use of time, an important component of responsibility.
I began my involvement with theater at eleven years old, an age by which many children already have a somewhat formed sense of responsibility, a stereotype to which I conformed. When I was fifteen I became directly and heavily involved with a different theater company, one which my parents and fellow actors parents created, and that I have stayed involved with for three years. Because I was automatically one of the older actors within this theater company, I was required and expected to be held to a higher standard of conduct and…

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