The Importance Of The Sun For People

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What is the Sun? The Sun is this big yellowish reddish orange ball of gas, the Sun too is known as the main source that gives us energy in heat and light. “The Sun is the center of all the planets.” (Cain, par.4) . The Sun that comes out during the day on one side of the world and on the other side of the world night time. The Sun has different season four to be precise the one that gets really hot is summer time. In summer time is when many people can enjoy spend their time at the beach even playing outdoors. But the summer time is also when some people are over exposed by the Suns. The Sun is giving off some rays that cause people to have skin cancer. Is the sun really good for people? The sun is beneficial in some ways in others harmful, such as Vitamin D, but harmful if getting skin cancer. There have been studies that have said Sun is good but a little too much of the sun be the cause much harm to a human body. The sun is giving resource, …show more content…
The skin is on the outside of one’s body. It is sensitive when it gets a cut and starts to bleed then gets a scab to help it heal. Then soon after it has healed the scab goes away and there are times like it never happened or even time when one person picks at the scab and it becomes a scar that stays on the skin. This skin is much use for our bodies if it gets damaged what good is then. When you damage the skin by the Sun it can causes skin cancer. The Sun can alter the skin in appearance in article has once said such as “Pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions-due to decrease in the skin’s immune function.”( Skin cancer facts ,par.10) A cancer is not what anyone wants it is what many fear, but it still happens. But the sun cannot be the only cause of skin cancer such as many men and women going to get a tan from a tanning booth. Just like any other cancer there are different ways to get the cancer. A person shouldn’t over expose themselves with Sun

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