Melanoma Essay

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Melanoma is a type of cancer that is considered one among the most dangerous. Melanoma traces are usually found over the skin, but rarely it can even be found in the eye or even in the internal organs. The main cause of Melanoma is the direct exposure to the ultraviolent (UV) rays. Reducing tanning from sun or from tanning lamps can curtail the chance from Melanoma. For past decades, recovery from Melanoma was a nightmare. But later, as science and technology improved, many drugs were introduced to cope from this deadly disease. One of the most successful methods was immunotherapy. In 1891 New York surgeon William B Coley introduced the immunotherapy for cancer. Mr. Coley found out that the cancer traces would completely disappear if the patient …show more content…
These are types of protein, which is being injected into the T- cell of the immune system. T- Cell helps from the attack of other cells. These drugs boost the immune system which helps to fight against Melanoma. Many patients who had tested with these PD-1 inhibitors lived longer than expected. This is because PD-1 inhibitors “shrink tumors significantly in 15 to 50 percent of patients.” Studies had shown that PD-1 inhibitors can certainly increase the life expectancy of the melanoma …show more content…
This adventure also lead to the creation of melanoma vaccines. Even though the T-cell have low cupidity, advancement in technology had enabled researches to calculate “antigen T-cells reproducibly.” Overcoming the fact that immune system has evolved to avoid reacting against self-antigens, it remains as a major challenge in the development of cancer vaccines.
There are different kinds of cancer vaccines. One of them is Allogeneic Vaccines. This vaccine produce an immune response against the melanoma differentiation antigens. Another type of allogeneic vaccines is Melacine which is made from “two melanoma cell lines combined with the detoxified endotoxin adjuvant.” This vaccines is mainly used for stage II melanoma patients which will result in complete recovery from the disease. Another vaccine called Canvaxin which is made from “three lines of irradiated whole allogeneic melanoma cells mixed with Bacille Calmette Guerin as the adjuvant.”

Researches and studies shows that use of vaccines had constantly increased the complete recovery from melanoma. The result of use of vaccines had went beyond to the expectation. Patients who was tested with cancer vaccines had a survival rate which is significantly longer than those in the

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