A Career In The Medical Field Essay

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There are many specialties and subspecialties when it comes to the medical field. From the family doctor that specializes in treating the overall person, to a gynecologist that specializes in the woman reproduction system. Every medical field has its demands, but who determines who needs to go where is the physician. Physicians are responsible for the integration of care. Physicians are the people who writes referrals and establish introduction between other care givers. Studies has shown that family doctors and /or regular physicians are the first to notice the changes within a person wellbeing. It is very important to have a primary care physician, their importance to the medical field is substantial. Due to the seriousness of the human body education and additional training is required when becoming a physician. …show more content…
They partake in various studies and educational background to achieve the ability to diagnose, treat, perform examinations and write prescriptions. This profession requires individuals who wants to become a physician to complete an undergraduate. With the completion of all necessary sciences and perquisites. After gaining a bachelors in science the student can then apply to an accredited medical school. With the completion of medical school and preclinical and clinical training the student has earned the title MD (doctor of medicine degrees). The student may then enter into a residency program which allows the student to achieve additional training under a senior physician educator. The physician must obtain a license to practice medicine in the state or jurisdiction they plan to practice. Physician must then become board certified through a series of examinations. Additional training and credits are required with the upkeep of licensure (Requirements for Becoming a Physician 2013.) Medically physicians are undeniably needed and beneficial for the human

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