Marine Animal Argumentative Essay For Kids

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Animals are as important as people. They’re loving, caring, and nurturing just like us. They deserve better than what we give them. Every year millions of sea mammals get injured or stuck in debri fishermen leave behind. Caught in fishing line, stuck in a net, and wrapped in ropes these creatures are helpless. They deserve our help before they go extinct.
This is where the Marine Mammal Center comes in to help. Located in Sausalito CAlifornia just north of San Francisco the Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates, and releases. Their mission is to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. The sealife needs all the help they can get. We can help by donating to the
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The Marine Mammal Center also has many schools throughout the state area come and learn about the sea life and how people are negatively affecting it. This will help prevent future cases of animals being injured by fishing line, by fishing nets, and even by beuys. According to the testimonial of Charles Littnan, Lead Scientist, Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program, NOAA Fisheries Service, "A dedicated monk seal hospital will give more pups a better shot at survival and adult seals a second chance when they need it! This is an essential part of our plan for their survival." The animals are brought to the center underweight, ill, and hopeless. AT the center’s hospital they get the right treatments and lots of love. Eventually they’re are healthy enough to be …show more content…
In 1998 The Marine Mammal Center diagnosed the first case of domoic acid toxicosis in marine mammals. According to the Center’s Veterinary Science program, under the direction of Dr. Frances Gulland, Senior Scientist at The Marine Mammal Center, the acid accumulates in shellfish that the seals and sea otters eat.The acid collects because of the giant algae blooms during El Niño times. The shellfish eat the toxic algae then the animals eat them. He stated, “Exposure to the biotoxin affects the brain, causing them to become lethargic, disoriented, and have seizures that sometimes result in death.” Every El Niño year the MMC has multiple cases of this condition. Another disease that the MMC encounters with its patients is leptospirosis, and it’s deadly.The MMC has been working with Dr. Katie Prager from the Lloyd-Smith Laboratory at UCLA. She explained that leptospirosis is a bacterial kidney disease caused by spiral shaped bacteria called Leptospira. In 2017 there was a high spike of patients with this disease. If the disease is caught early enough, the patient has a chance to survive. Dr. Prager also explained, “If the disease is caught early enough, patients may recover with treatment that includes antibiotics, fluids and other supportive care, such as gastroprotectants for stomach and intestinal ulcers.” All of this medical equipment is very expensive, and could also save a life. Our money will help pay for

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