Seaworld Argumentative Essay

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Big Whale, Little Pool

Did you know that 38 orcas at Seaworld have died prematurely and not one in captivity has reached its maximum life span? Recently, there has been controversy surrounding SeaWorld’s use of killer whales in shows. I believe that SeaWorld should not be allowed to keep these majestic animals for entertainment purpose because it is unnatural for these animals to live in such confined spaces and dangerous for the trainers, the public, and the whales.

First and Foremost, using wild orcas for entertaining purposes in unnatural and cruel. In the article About PETA’S Campaign Against Seaworld the author states, “It’s not surprising that these captive animals do not live as long as their wild cousins. While wild male orcas live an average of 30 years and up to 60 years and females an average of 50 years and up to more than 100.” Clearly, it is unnatural for these creatures to live in captivity. Their lifespan is more than halved from living in captivity, being in small tanks and being ripped apart from their families causes a lot of mental health problems. In addition, the author claims, “Free
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According to the article Health and Daily Care, “All animals at SeaWorld live in safe, sophisticated habitats, receive world-class care and are continually engaged socially, mentally and physically.” If this were the case the Animals at SeaWorld would not be going crazy. Especially killing human beings during shows and other events. In fact, in the article Over 30 years and Three Deaths: Tilikum's Tragic Story, the author states “Food was withheld from him as a training technique, and he regularly endured painful attacks by two dominant female orcas, Haida and Nootka. He was forced to perform every hour on the hour, eight times a day, seven days a week. The constant stress and exhaustion gave him stomach ulcers.” Which proves his life and others lives were not all SeaWorld makes it

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