Red Zone Speech

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On Wednesday October 2nd, I attended the event Turn The Red Zone Green. A group of students came up with this campaign called the Green Light Campaign. They were hoping to create a safe space as well as stop victim blaming. The group does not agree with the saying no is no, because that means something already occurred that one of the individuals did not agree with. Instead the speaker stressed that it is important to talk about consent.

The focus of the event was to educate individuals on sexual assault. For starters the speaker started out by asking those who attended what the red zone is. The red zone is the period between the start of the semester to Thanksgiving Break when most sexual assaults occurs. Turning the red zone green means
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I thought her activity of classifying scenarios that are more or least harmful to be eye opening. It makes you think about how as individuals our daily actions can affect those around us without our awareness. Personally I never thought of the homecoming t-shirt with the silhouette of a naked woman with the slogan “id tap that,” to be offensive. However, I could see my mother finding that both inappropriate and offensive. This shows the generational gap that may play a part in how people interpret others actions. And how my generation is desensitized to sex, alcohol, and drugs. This may cause the vague line where people do not understand behavior that is deemed inappropriate. I remember growing up and my friend’s dad always use to wear Hawaiian shirts with silhouettes of naked women all over it, and I never really thought much of it until now. For some reason we find it socially acceptable to display the female body. Another part of her presentation that stood out to me was when she said that women are four times more likely to be impacted by sexual violence on a college campus. I find this number to be disturbing. No women should have to walk around being concerned, but instead women should feel comfortable. I agree with the speaker that it is necessary for people to become an active bystander and help prevent sexual assault, and support

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