Marking Strategy

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After his sexual assault, documentor Tom Bondarenko JR searches for peace and closure by informing the audience that sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of age, sex, race, or sexual orientation. Through interviews with professionals and survivors Tom Bondarenko bring’s a face to sexual assault in hopes of warning people that sexual assault can happen to anyone. The film 's goal is to prevent sexual assault by enlightening people, knowledge is power. Working together we can end sexual assault. On Febuary 3rd, 2016 Tom Bondarenko JR was sexual assaulted at gunpoint by two men. Feeling empty and unsatisfied after a failed police investigation to catch the criminals, he decided the way to find peace is to make a documentary …show more content…
Thousand of people discussing your film and tell others about it is great for the film 's marketing strategy. All Independant films that go to film festivals have the best success rates. Next step in marketing is social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and others are so relevant in the spreading of information. Social media will get the film out to millions of people all over the world. The final step in the marking strategy is advertisment. The film will have a small advertising budget. The advertising budget will be used to advertise on social media like YouTube and Facebook and the film will also be advertised on print. Exact amounts will be available on the full budget on page …show more content…
People need to realise that it can happen to anyone. With almost three hundred million sexual assault cases every year awareness can help prevent sexual assault. The second reason to fund this film is film is having hundreds of thousands of people seeing your company. Your company is offered a name in the main title of the film for example ‘Coca Cola Presents: Looking for Solace’. A thank you at the start and at the end of the film will also be given to your company.

The risks of investing in this film are minimum. Risks can include; the film not being finished on time and the film going over budget. The producers solve these issues but signing a promissory note that that the film will be finished on time or the Producers will give the investor back the money. The producers will also sign a promissory that promises the film will not be over budget and if the film does exceed budget then the Producers will cover the difference

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