A Reflection Paper On Karina's Every Time

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There is always more you could learn about a certain topic. Most people believe they are well-versed in knowing the proper steps and produces for people that deals with domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. Recently, I attended an event related to the topics I just listed and it was solely about a women name Karina that dealt with all of those struggles throughout her childhood, that carried on into her adulthood and who she is today. What I got from the speaker was a lot of background personal information, which she allowed the audience to know in order for us to understand and learn from her experience. She comes from a very abusive home, where her step father abused and raped her siblings, mother, and herself. She watched …show more content…
Karina story made me understand the person she was in less than an hour. I understood why every year on her mother anniversary she wrote a letter to her local town newspaper even though they told her to get over it. Also, I got why she hated the town she was from, why she did not date, and the best part, why she choose to accept what life had brought her and knew that she would pick the opposite direction of what everyone expected of her. She did not just tell us her story but she gave factual information on research about domestic violence. Now, I’m more aware of how often it happens and how women are afraid to speak up about it. Another thing she brought up was how having sex drunk is rape even if the girl said yes because she did not give consent. That statement is something I took with me because I know so many women on campus that have had sex when they was drunk, but do not remember a thing. A lot of women in college would never even think that is raped because they are so use to putting the blame on themselves for being drunk. The overall presentation was eye opener because I do not know anyone personally, that have person to experience so much trauma in their childhood and use their struggles to motivate, empower, and educate others. Karina is an amazing and strong

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