Funeral Speeches

It is incredible to imagine how quickly your life can change. In a twinkling of an eye all could be destroy and lost in the past, with a choice that we have to make in order to change our future.

Today is the funeral of my father, the person I love the most, the most important man in my life. In the morning when I woke up anything looks different, it was a normal day with a sad gray sky as Lima normally has. But for me something disappeared, a piece of my heart was broken, the person who used to tell me stories at night and hug me when I was afraid was gone.

When my mom enter to my room I was staring at the window. She told me to change my clothes and, with the pain of her soul, told me to get ready to go to the funeral. In the funeral there
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One was that the doctor want to talk with me and the other was that they found a letter in Antonella’s room and they give it to me. When I read the letter I realize how important was Antonella in my life, how many things she taught me and the most important thing to always be positive, always enjoy and find the value of life, something I don’t find before. For the first time I found the meaning and how precious is to help other in to change their futures. I gave Antonella the most 2 beautiful months of her life, giving her peace, something to believe, calm and …show more content…
Rodriguez, how are you? said Isabell

Hi Isabell, I am find! Said Dr. Rodriguez

Today I called you because I want to talked with you about something important. For this last month’s every day I ask the nurse to bring me all your tests and analysis so I can see how you are going and I have a wonderful new. The results of all your tests and blood analysis said that surprisingly you are cured!!! Said Dr. Rodriguez.

What?! I can’t believe it!! A few months earlier I was so sick and depressed and now I am cure?? Said Isabell

Yes, Isabell, it looks like a miracle that someone is protecting you. Said Dr. Rodriguez

Yes, Dr. Rodriguez I have two angels taking care of me, the most beautiful angels I ever know. Said Isabell

Well you could leave the hospital tomorrow, but remember that this will be always your second home!! Sani Dr.Rodriguez

Thank you doctor, I appreciate that too much. Said Isabell

The next day I leave the Hospital in the morning. When I get home, my brother steam was waiting for me and my mom prepare a cake. I can’t ask for better things than having a happy family and 2 angels that taught me a lot taking care of me. Change someone’s life change us too, so help others and make your future

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