The Importance Of The Embryo

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Register to read the introduction… We also all as human being were given the right to free will and the right to choose period. So why should it be anyone else business on what we choose to do? If it is so deemed unmoral wouldn’t we be the ones who would have to answer to it on judgment day? I don’t really agree with killing of course but, have it even been proven that the embryo is a living being? My opinion is the women should have the right to choose what they want to do and no one should take that away from them because of their strong religious belief. And it definitely beats how children are born into a world of hate, war, and greed. I have one even better sperm is considered a living organisms, so would it be unmoral for a man to allow their sperm to be killed when they use a condom. Life and death is the way of life and if a man use a condom to prevent pregnancy why can’t a women use a pill or procedure to do the

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