The Importance Of The Discovery Of America

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Before King Ferdinand II sponsored one of the most legendary expeditions within the history of mankind, he had his mind set on finding a western sea route to Asia, China, and India. However, King Ferdinand never would have guessed in his wildest dreams that he would stumble onto something greater—the New World. Although King Ferdinand died centuries ago, his memory is forever immortalized around the discovery of America, along with Christopher Columbus, the legendary Italian explorer. Soon after the discovery of the Western hemisphere, Europe began to colonize, explore, and conquest the New World, a mystifying place filled with new possibilities. Throughout history, I believe that the discovery of America is one of the most significant milestones …show more content…
Why? So they can reap the many benefits that only new land can offer. Both empires wanted the recognition and glory of finding new territory to claim as their own. Also, the search of gold and other riches became an overwhelming obsession with Spain and Portugal. However, religion was also a key pushing factor to find new land. These two empires wanted to convert people all over the world to their religious beliefs. Thus, these three motivating factors, “God, Gold, and Glory,” are very important within American history, because these factors would later shape the face of America today. Nevertheless, the discovery of America was also very significant because it not only changed our view of the world as a sphere, but introduced new plants, animals, and diseases not yet …show more content…
One of the first domesticated animals introduced to the New World was the horse, which transformed the life of many Native Americans. Their way of life was drastically changed from an agricultural lifestyle to a nomadic way of life. Native Americans started to hunt bison on horseback within the Great Plains, instead of growing crops. However, the New World also introduced many different species, like the turkey, llama, and alpaca.
All in all, I believe that the discovery of America is the most important issue that we have discussed so far because it introduced many different animals, crops, and cultures that we have never heard of before. It introduced us to a new way of life and ideas. The discovery of America is crucial because it brought about new scientific discoveries and opened up endless of possibilities. Without the discovery of America, our society would not have progressed as far as it has, and all that we have learned would be

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