According To Claiborne's Essay: Who Is In The Community?

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The business of life distracts not only the believer, but also the unbeliever. We are subliminally taught the value in ensuring that we are completing our daily task and living up to what we always wished to become. In all of our striving we inadvertently forget the basic concept of caring for others. Our own thoughts, work, social life overwhelms us to the point where we even forgot how to carry a simple conversation with people, let alone our heavenly father. This is the argument that I will emphasize as I discuss what community is and what our role is in the community as Christians. Normal seems comfortable. Right? Yes. We go with what seems normal to us to fill what we think is fitting in caring for the community. More specifically, we …show more content…
He rightfully stated, that many outsiders have a general idea of what Christians believe, but when it comes to identifying a Christian lifestyle they were a bit perplexed. He became interested in showing people what it meant to live a Godly life, rather than saying what it means (pp.126). He truly epitomized what it means to live in commune with others. His march in evangelism included a community ( with members from all walks of life) such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, and average citizens all worked and lived intentionally for a common purpose to promote peace and justice. This is what living intentionally (and in unison) truly means. More importantly, claiborne 's example displayed what it truly meant to live in faith. He had faith that walking for peace and justice would be a good cause and promote unity among all people in a community. He has faith that living as Christ he would draw all men unto Him with the common purpose of love. We can live as Christ had lived by simply going into the community and learning about others and truly taking the time to care and pray for our neighbors. Without this basic step we would not have a foundation to follow, which is Christ himself. I will conclude with this final statement: Man lives day by day to fulfill his own tasks, but without the love of Christ in him all his labor amounts to

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