The Importance Of Technology In Relationship Relationships

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In regards to reading the journal titled, “Technoference”: “The interference of technology in couple relationships and implications for women’s personal and relational well-being”. The article’s purpose is simply to determine if the frequency of technoference is the cause of relationship conflicts, this is said, to be due to, interruption of technology devices commonly placed in our lives. Collectively, the researchers of the study concluded that some types of technology use could be a interfere with interactions in daily life. Technoference in this day and age, has become incorporated in many interpersonal relationships. The advancement of technology has been forcefully intertwining with our personal relationships. Let’s look at the …show more content…
All things that seem to be good for you may not always contribute to your happiness. In reference to the beneficial aspect of technology, technology also has its disadvantages. The possibilities of technology being problematic within a intimate and romantic relationship are the disadvantages of technology. Technology has it ways to be intrusive in one relationship, for example some people may find their day being stuck answering work email, on their own leisure time. The article explains how this is evidence of pathological level of technology. In the article this is stated as an example of, “studies of work-family spill over”. (McDaniel, B. T., & Coyne, S. M. . ,2016, page 4). The research from the study indicates that this behavior has been said to cause individuals to struggle with disconnecting from their devices. Based on reading with a book entitled ,“Intimate Relationships”. ( Rowland, S. Miller). The foundations of a romantic relationship are built on many aspects, some of which are, communication, intimacy, responsiveness. Technologies can interfere with these aspects in both a positive and negative aspect. Due to technoference many relationships according to the article,38% of participants benefit from technology. While incorporating the use of technology “Technoference” has interfered, due to lack of interpersonal communication. The experiences of pathological levels of technology result in an example, such as limiting their face-to-face interaction with their partner. Social media has a tendency to limit your involvement in the person to person interaction. The out come of interrupted integration with your partner can cause doubt, insecurities for the relationship. This society that we live in is very dependent on social websites, apps, another function that are accessible from electronical communication

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