The Importance Of Technology And The Millennial Generation

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Technologies are great; social media and generation Y is working together perfectly. Work Ethic of putting in time into finding the right filters for new Instagram post is very diligent. The value of time for a quick snap is used very preciously during rigorous instructional time. The technology and the Millennial generation are our future, but that is only if they can try harder by adding more work for themselves, to put down their phone, and to come back to reality as they called themselves. Work Ethic and Values are slowly slaughtered by the Millennial.
Growing up in a technological environment, the Generation Y and Z – or the Millennials-are able to obtain information quicker and more relevant, and that is also the start of the road path
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They don’t have a strong work ethic, these reports say. They’re not motivated and don’t take the initiative. They’re undependable and not committed to their employers. They need constant affirmation and expect rapid advancement.” With this lack of attitudes and behaviors, being undependable, and not committed, they are missing out their soft skill, one of the basic concept employers is looking for today. Research from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, founded “more than half of corporate recruiters rated recent college graduates with a grade of C or lower for preparedness.” Meaning, the percentage of readiness for today’s graduates are lower than students before …show more content…
Surely there are open- minded and happy world. But with what the Millennials are doing right now, being disrespectful to parents or others, there is no future of the world, or the greatest generation of all. There are Millennials out there working their every second of each minute to get over the name “The Millennial.” But negative number can’t ever bigger than zero. It’s not just these young generations that need to be change; it is also the parent and guardian, adult and others. Because a tree can’t stand alone, therefore, they need something to protect them strict since the moment they start growing. As well as the Millennials, be smart, start reflecting yourself from the lenses of your creativeness and stop letting “You only Live Once” turn into you regret

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