The Importance Of Team Work Environment Communication

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Register to read the introduction… Surprising he said it all depends the on the task at hand and how well it’s prepared and if all supplies are in stock. Like the large load of windshields being shipped out would require a large team where a single person may not even close to finishing a third of the shipment due to the fact he would have to stop and look for some else with time on their hands or pull a busy person from his job to be able to lift the windshield to be able to finish packing it. By doing this it slows the entire shipping department and causing a little confusion that may cause some conflict. By better planning of larger jobs makes it a lot easier and more efficient to get the job done in a shorter time. I believe that having the right team and all the proper materials that team work would not take longer to do the job. I must also keep in mind that in a team work environment communication becomes the key fact due to the fact if communication breaks down it can lead to disaster. You must always be on top of making sure that the right orders were sent out by communicating frequently. …show more content…
This affects the team greatly causing work to pile up while waiting for back orders to be filled pushing current work back to fill the back orders coming in making them a priority to get the old out and then work with the current. Even then with careful planning and watch due dates for back orders to arrive can help better plan how to organize your personnel. I’m a firm believer that being proactive in any situation and staying ahead of the game even when behind can only lead to positive outcomes in the

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