The Importance Of Team / Co Teaching Essay

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The idea of team/co-teaching through out kindergarten to twelve grade is to include special education students in the general education classroom. This has become a more common way of giving students with disabilities an opportunity to be successful with the general education curriculum (Bouck 47). The use of team/co-teaching in the classroom has been on the rise since No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was introduced, having every student (including special education students) take a state mandated test (Bouck 47). I think team/co-teaching could benefit students if it is conducted by the teachers correctly, but I’ve been wondering, does team/co-teaching really help meet the needs of all students? Is this the best way to include students with disabilities? What is team/co-teaching? I have come across a few different definitions while doing my research. The most common way it’s been defined as “two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse, or blended, group of students in a single physical space” (Nierengarten 74, Bouck 46). Bouck provided another definition that is similar, “two or more teachers who are equal in status located in the classroom together, working together, and providing instruction” (Bouck 46). I personally, out of all the special education class I’ve taken, have been told either of these definitions. I’ve always been told that team/co-teaching is “the collaboration between general and special education teachers for all of the…

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