The Importance Of Teaching In Education

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Why teach? That is the question. There are many different reasons I want to become a teacher. The biggest one being that “next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society” according to DESE (Missouri’s top website for teacher stuff). Coming from a private grade school to a public high school, having experienced many different teaching styles, some teachers had their masters in education and others simply had their bachelors in their content area. Educators benefit through high degree based personal education because their abilities to teach and understand students are enhanced which in turn improves the student 's ability to become academically prepared.
Teachers are much more than they seem. Teachers
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Some of these may require you to take a few extra courses in order to obtain them, but they are all worth it in the end. In the public school system the courses offered are broken up into two types, one being Career Ed and the other being General Ed. Career Ed courses are the Agricultural, Engineering and Business departments in our school district. The other courses Sullivan offers are considered to be “general ed.” These courses are the base of learning and the Career Ed classes build upon this base to better prepare our students to pick a field of work to major in in …show more content…
This is a very expensive way of teaching though. Not only because we only have a limited amount of special education students, but also because paying 2 teachers to watch the same amount of students can be difficult. This is another reason why only public schools offer special education and private schools do not because they do not receive the funding for this. When becoming a co-teacher, the teacher must first receive their degree in the special education, then follow it by receiving a degree in their content major. Therefore, these co-teachers are then looked at as very devoted, highly educated individuals who truly care about their passion to teach students. {INSERT TRANSITION

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