The Importance Of Teaching English

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This is one of the most used sentences in the classroom when teachers ask students to study a little bit more. I am not here to simply discuss about your priorities, so I would like to show you several funny, easy, and efficient ways to practice and learn English during the day.
Most students think that in order to practice English, they are supposed to stop doing whatever they’re doing, get their school 's book, and start reading it for hours. I am not saying that method is wrong, but it is traditional, unattractive, and a boring studying method.
When you start studying in a language school, you already have your responsibilities, right? For example, you must do all of your homework, go to school regularly, ask all the questions you have to
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People should start listening to songs in English even if they don 't understand a word the singer is saying. Your ear will start getting used to pronouncing some words, expressions, and more. What about your social network accounts? Have you changed its language in order to learn different words? Some people think if they change it they will get lost. However, everybody knows that the first icon bellow the picture posted by your friend on Facebook is "Like”, the second is "Comment," and the third one is "Share." This means you 're not going to get lost, I am sure of that.
Finally, let 's go to the main tips I can give you to keep improving your skills:
• First of all, change your playlists and add a lot of songs in English in order to familiarize your brain with the language. Don’t try to translate the songs, but learn how to sing it. Do this every day for several weeks. You’re going to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.
• Start watching movies and TV series in English, using English or Portuguese subtitles. If you 're not advanced in English try kids movies like Despicable Me 1 and 2 or Toy
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Learn the more you can from your teacher or a friend who speaks English.
• While in the shower, try to repeat out loud the new content you have learned at school, or sing the song you 've listened to all day long.
• Talk to people around the world. There are a bunch of websites like meetup, omigle, and chatroulette, where you can chat, debate, and make new friends.
• Speak as much as you can. Even if you are alone, do it! You are only going to be fluent in English if you speak and listen it a lot.
• Have fun while studying. Research about pranks, funny interviews, funny pictures, and jokes.
If you really wish to become an English speaker, you need to change your habits. Try these easy tips to immerge into the language and improve it faster and more effieciently.
Maybe you 're asking yourself, “Why did he write it in English if this post is about helping people who don 't speak English?” The answer is, if you got all the text without any help, then you already know English. But if you understood it using a translator, dictionary, help from someone, then congratulations! You 're practicing as you are supposed to.
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