The Importance Of Sustainable Marketing

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It is believed that setting particular goals with respect to the strategies that are being followed by the organisation is very important as it helps n maintaining the ideas and plans for reaching the objectives rather than misleading or any interruption, which could be due to self-determined or self-measurable thoughts, related to the goals. Additionally, Agnieszka Leszczynska (2012) indicated that it direct towards retaining a senior maintaining resource for making the accountability of reaching the goals certain. This practice could be undergone by optimising the performance of the businesses. Moreover, it is also possible by building strong and potential relationship with the other businesses, the communities in which the companies established and the most important with the customers. This further …show more content…
Connelly, David J. Ketchen Jr, and Stanley F. Slater (2011) that the reason behind the approaching of the companies toward the sustainable marketing is very clear and it is that the company desires to meet the customer’s needs and requirements in a more effective manner. This could only be seen through the sustainable marketing. The societies seek sustainable marketing as an important element for the companies because this makes them responsible for the environmental and other related issues created by them.
One of the most important aspects of sustainability marketing is that it requires technological innovation in the companies, which is a progressive characteristic for both the society and the organisations. From the society point of view, the technology helps the organisations in controlling their emission of carbon and other dangerous substances, which are harmful for the people of the society and the other things, which exists in that society. From the organizational point of view, it leads to better production methods and hence the organizations reach the goal of producing better products for the consumers.

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