Essay on The Importance Of Supportive Skills For Students

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The Birth through Kindergarten faculty understand the importance of developing and including supportive skills for students to ensure learning outcomes and competencies are met during the experience in higher education. The faculty realized that students will need these specific skills to be effective professional in the field of early childhood education. Many of the supportive skills provided to all Birth to Kindergarten teaching and non-teaching majors are available each semester encompassing various courses. Some skills included are skills provided by various programs within the university. The Birth through Kindergarten faculty reflect on students’ needs and incorporate new innovative methods of encompassing one of the five supportive skills.
Throughout the semester students are provided the opportunity to evaluate their personal goals, strengths, and needs. Supportive Skill 1 focuses on self-assessment and self-advocacy as the students matriculate through the programs. Each BK education major is required to attend advisement sessions prior to enrolling in courses. During this time students are able to focus on the goals, set time lines and discuss which courses can complement their work schedule or family dynamics. Another opportunity for students to reflect is during BK Evidence Computer Lab Sessions. Each semester those student enrolled in evidence courses have the opportunity to attend a computer session and receive one on one support prior to the final…

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