Success Coaches In College

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Many colleges and universities have begun to replace college advisors and mentors with success coaches. Success coaches have become available to students to guide and help students throughout their college life. Success coaches are involved in a student’s college life from the time they enroll to their graduation day. Success coaches help students set up a college plan as well as assist in registering for classes from the beginning of a student’s college career to their last semester. Success coaches also help students look in to the future with their life after college. By helping grow a student’s network and provide them with information and connections within the students’ desired profession, a success coach relationship can be a strong …show more content…
“College completion and college success often lag behind college attendance. One theory as to why students do not succeed in college is that they lack key information about how to be successful or fail to act on the information that they have” (Baker and Bettinger 1). Success coaches at LIU Post set up a guided plan of what classes a student needed to take in order to graduate. This is an extremely helpful tool that success coaches provide to students, while classes can be switched around, the plan provides students with a clear outline of what classes they will need to take. Success coaches providing this information to students as soon as they enroll in their first semester at LIU Post students are provided with information as well as knowledge of what needs to be done before they can …show more content…
Blackboard is a key tool in a student’s college life. Blackboard allows students to check grades, turn in assignments and also serves as a direct communication tool between colleges and universities to students. Email newsletters are a way for colleges and universities to provide students with weekly or even daily newsletters filled with information about campus activities, events and news about the school. Campus run newspapers provides students with articles about many different topics regarding the college or university. From athletic news to department events, students can get a wide variety of information right at their fingertips. According to Alloy Media, which says, “Despite doom and gloom forecasts for the general Newspaper market, the college publications of news is on the rise. ” Some colleges and universities publish newspapers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and some others publish different newspapers within certain schools at a university. A college or universities’ website also serves as a communication tool to reach students. Text messages also serves as a way for colleges and universities to reach students directly and provide quick

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