Life After College Essay

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The transition from high school to college is a very unique and different experience for all people. Students in high school may have been successful without trying, but in college it is a whole new level with many obstacles and temptations. As one has experienced, college is very fast paced with heaps of work to do with a small time frame to complete. College is very stressful at times, but it takes confidence and hard work to show that it is not impossible. College can also be difficult because many students participate in other activities such as a job or sports which takes up free time and more work. Although college seems like a nightmare to must students, it can be simple if students are willing to go the extra mile and work hard to be successful. In article “Why students who do well in high school bomb in college”, Jeff Guo wrote about two types of students, the thrivers and divers. In Guo’s article, the University of Toronto defined thrivers as “those who did …show more content…
Even though some students do not portray themselves as a person with grit, perseverance, or conscientiousness, they can still be hard working people if they have the mindset that they can. College is a full time job and is very stressful, but waking up everyday having the mindset of being successful will ultimately help students reach their goals. Many people may think being a thriver is difficult when in reality it is quite simple. One must accept the challenges thrown at them and work to the fullest of their ability and eventually they will be successful. Also having a visual mindset of where one wants to be in ten or so years is a good motivator to help get through difficult times. As a thriver, I plan to challenge many individuals to have a hard working mindset so that they too may be successful in college and in

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